Welcome to a Web Development Company Website

Hi there!

Since you are here you are probably interested in what we do. We are a web development company based in Poland. We deal with most of the modern cms systems (mostly written in php or python). Our main interest is Magento Open Source software but we are also able to help with any other like: WordPress / woCommerce, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, custom web-pos systems, hardware to web data streaming etc. We are also fluent in most of modern web api technologies like SOAP and RESTful – any integration is not a problem.

We experienced in server built and administration – we deal with them daily. We know how to set up a linux based secure web server,  respected email exchanger or a private cloud solution if You like. We know Amazon Web Services – We are successfully running couple of distributed environments for over 5 years up there. We are able to setup a secure VPN to AWS backend connections for You as well. If you have any custom hardware that is TCP/IP aware (or even not – RS232 would also do) – we are able to help with local hardware to web app middleware for instance: production line RFID tracking, or quality control equipment integrations.

We also do other stuff like backup automation, virtualization, hardware setup, lan infrastructure rebuilds and couple of other know-how tricks you might need.

Fell free to drop us a line if you interested in our services.